390. Daily Vocabulary – Barricade

a) A temporary structure that is built across a road, gate, or door to prevent people from getting through

b) Shut (someone) into a place by blocking all the entrances.

Synonyms: barrier, wall, fence   

Ex: Areas of the city have been closed off by barricades

Ex: The students have barricaded themselves into their dormitory building

Ex: barricading the streets to prevent an attack.

Ex: Turn their phone to silent and barricade themselves in before calling police.

Ex: Person charged after trying to jump WH barricade

Ex: A Man Jumped Through a Barricade to Snatch

Ex: The police barricaded the crime scene.

Ex: Stood behind the barricades watching the parade.

Ex: They barricaded the streets with sacks of sand.

Ex: Police fired tear gas and pepper spray, and some protesters set fires to create barricades between themselves and officers.

Ex: Officers surrounded the building and closed nearby streets as the man barricaded himself inside a room.

Ex: Barricades will be in place to keep vigil-goers away from the fire scene.

Ex: The streets near the court were lined with police buses and barricades.

Ex: Thinking he was barricaded inside, investigators got a search warrant and entered the home.

Ex: He ran into a nearby home and barricaded himself inside.

Ex: The group quickly attacked the police barricades, then began shooting firecrackers at the building.


389. Daily Vocabulary – Staple crop

Staple crops are plants grown for their parts which are used as staple food. A staple food is one that is regularly consumed in large quantities as to form of a traditional diet and which serves as a major source of energy and nutrients.Staples may be grouped into the starchy type and protein-rich type. The starchy type consists of the cereal crops, root and tuber crops, fruit crops and the palms. The pulses belong to the protein-rich group. Many traditional diets in developing countries consist of both starchy and legume staples to obtain a more nourishing food.

List of Major Staple Crops

A. Cereal Crops

Barley, Corn , Millet, Oat, Rice, 

B. Root and Tuber Crops

Cassava, potato, Yam

C. Fruit Crops

Banana, Plantain, cooking banana, saging, cardaba, saba
D. Palms

Sago palm, sagu, landang, Sweet palm
E. Pulses

Chickpea, Common bean, Lentil, Pea, Soybean
Ex: New strains of staple crops serve up essential vitamins

Ex: Climate Change To Reduce Global Yields Of Staple Crops

Ex: Mutant Adlai pitched as alternative staple crop

Ex: Cassava is genetically decaying, putting staple crop at risk

Ex: High temperatures to hit staple crops in the US this century, study says

Ex: As global food demand rises, climate change is hitting our staple crops

388. Daily Vocabulary – Syllable

A syllable is the sound of a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) that is created when pronouncing the letters A, E, I, O, U, or Y.
The letter “Y” is a vowel only if it creates an A, E, I, O, or U sound. Ex: fry, try, cry, & dry

1 syllable: free                 pronounced: free

1 syllable: eat.                  pronounced: eet

2 syllables: eat-ing          pronounced: eet-ing

2 syllables: bi-o               pronounced: bi-oh

3 syllables: wor-ry-ing. pronounced: wah-ree-ing

Closed Syllables

In a closed syllable, the vowel is followed by a consonant. 



Open Syllables

open syllable nothing comes after the vowel. Look at the word he. We say that the vowel is open. There is nothing closing it in.

ba by

e ven

pa per

a ble

Ex: 3D printed syllables helping Houston students learn Spanish

Ex: The word water is composed of two syllables: wa and ter

Ex: primary-school children are taught to identify syllables to help them with spelling and reading and understanding poetry.

Ex: A good way to identify syllables is to think about whether you need to change your mouth shape to say the next bit of the word / the new syllable.

Ex: Teachers will often get children to clap out the syllables of a word, to help them to understand the concept.

Ex: Syllables are ways to split words into speech sounds.

Ex: spelling- two syllables, spell/ing

      computer- three syllables, com/pu/ter

Ex: Syllables are also important very early on as their mastery dictates a child’s success in reading

Ex: Syllables are of course also very important when learning to read

Ex: Games are an excellent way to introduce syllables to young students.

Ex: Closed and open syllables are the first two syllable types students should learn

Ex: students should spell the word syllable by syllable.

Ex: We all think we intuitively know what a syllable is, but trying to explain them isn’t so easy

387. Daily Vocabulary – Zorbing

A sport in which one is secured inside a large transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground or down hills. zorbing does not require any level of skill or fitness

Ex: Book Zorbing or buy vouchers for the UK’s largest Zorbing park.

Ex: Have you tried zorbing? It’s the funniest way to get down a hill as you position yourself inside a giant inflatable ball designed to turn your world upside down.

Ex: Human hamster in a giant inflatable ‘zorbing’ ball brings traffic to standstill while rolling through a city centre

Ex: Zorbing, climbing and breakdancing among activities on offer at Richard Dunn sports centre tomorrow

Ex: Families urged to ‘roll on the river Lagan’ in charity zorbing event

Ex: The Most Fantastic “Sport” in New Zealand Called ZORBING Is a Must Try

Ex: World’s first zorbing ‘marathon’ coming to London

Ex: ‘Zorbing’ survivor speaks of ‘fear’ in friend’s eyes before death

Ex: Honeymoon Adventure: Couple Goes ‘Zorbing’ On Volcano Slope

Ex: Man rides a giant ‘zorb’ on a Russia’s road

Ex: Zorbing horror death: Man killed after runaway inflatable ball plunges off cliff at ski resort

Ex: Indoor zorbing opens in Fort Wayne

Ex: Zorbing rolls onto Burnham-On-Sea beach for the first time

386. Daily Vocabulary – Groyne

The natural longshore transport of sand on an eroding shoreline can be prevent by constructing groynes across the active beach. A groyne functions as a physical barrier by obstruct sand moving along the shore.

Ex: Collector inspects groyne construction work

Ex: Sidmouth beach will be protected by multi-million pound rock groyne

Ex: Afloat’ is a huge circular donut shaped globe cast in bronze. Situated at the seaward end of the groyne

Ex: Brighton’s coastline is protected by walls, and groynes which project into the sea. The first groynes were built of wood in the 1720s

Ex: One of the most beautiful and useful features on UK beaches is the Wooden Groynes. Wooden groynes are an essential control to keep the coast stable

Ex: Groynes have a life span of approximately 20 to 30 years

Ex: Groynes are among the oldest structures in wide use today for controlling coastal erosion

Ex: Small groynes are useful for raising beach levels on a small scale. Their height can be adjusted to trap enough sand to improve beach levels, without being obstructive.

385. Daily Vocabulary – Gazebo

A gazebo is a freestanding, open garden structure, with a roof. Most gazebos are constructed of wood or metal and have ​built-in seating inside the sheltered area. To add a sense of enclosure and privacy, outdoor curtains or drapes are sometimes used. 

Ex: Host fabulous summer parties or chill out in the shade with our fantastic Gazebos

Ex: Rain or shine, a gazebo is a versatile bit of kit for any garden

Ex: Luxury Gazebos for sale to both the commercial and domestic environments.

Ex: Reserve a table at Gazebo Restaurant

Ex: Sheds, trampoline, fence and gazebo destroyed by neighbour’s bonfire embers

Ex: Gazebos and other must-haves in the garden

Ex: Whether it’s set on a hill overlooking a garden or by a pool, a gazebo can become the focal point of your landscape.

Ex: The primitive gazebo in our garden where my father used to play cards with his friends gave us some protection from the approaching night.

384. Daily Vocabulary – Cod

Cod are a grey-green fish with a spotted pattern on their scales. Cod can grow up to 150 cm long but the majority of cod in Britain are under 90cm long.

Ex: Cod makes the perfect fishy dish for summer

Ex: Excellent cod recipes from Great British Chefs, including fish and chips, cod fillet, roast cod and salt cod.

Ex: The white, mild flavored flesh of cod is available throughout the year and is a wonderful substitute for meat protein

Ex: Cod is a key member of a whole family of fish including haddock, coley, pollack, whiting, ling and hake

Ex: Fish, particularly cold water fish like cod, have been shown to be very beneficial for people with atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease.

Ex: Cod is the UK’s most popular whitefish.

Ex: I’ve landed the Codfather! Angler catches largest ever example of the species caught in Europe weighing in at a whopping 91lb

Ex: So big, in fact, that this cod is the largest ever to be caught in European waters.

Ex: Cod is a delicious fish that will literally melt in your mouth when it is prepared correctly.